Harlene Eans

Harlene Evans - Director

Harlene is a partner and director here at One Stop Bathroom & Cladding Shop LTD. Whilst having 30 years’ experience in accountancy and ten years specialising in the bathroom and cladding field, the business was set up with fellow partner, director, and best friend Penny in 2018. The business has gone from strength to strength and Harlene now specialises in home visits to discuss with clients the possibility of making their dream bathroom become a reality. The showroom was designed with Harlene’s expertise to give the customer the best experience possible with a wide choice of bathroom furniture as well as over 150 different wall panels.

Penelope Jane Bussey - Director

Penny is a partner and director here at One Stop Bathroom & Cladding Shop LTD. Penny agreed to go into business with long term friend Harlene in 2018, knowing that their individual strengths complimented each other. Penny has over 30 years’ experience in accountancy and deals with all of the companies financial issues, wages etc. Whilst Penny’s main role is running the companies accounts department she also specialises in customer services and home visits advising customers on ideas to create their ideal ‘wish list’ bathroom.


William Hood – Warehouse and Showroom Manager

Billy is our main man and has many attributes including 100% knowledge of all wall panels and bathrooms. Apart from being a valuable team member he is also responsible for all of the deliveries, warehouse, housekeeping, and updating of the showroom. Billy is also highly experienced in customer services and is an expert when it comes to advising our customers on the best wall panels to use tailored to their specific needs as well as the best options for fitting and installation.

Jessica Walsh – Sales Consultant

Jessica is a very valuable member of staff as she has vast knowledge of all our products having been in the bathroom and cladding industry for five years. Her main role is customer services and her responsibilities are numerous including project managing and being the first point of contact by phone and in the showroom for potential or existing customers. Jessica is also responsible for the companies paperwork as well as advising on new products and updating all of the companies records/data.

Darcy McCardle – Sales Assistant

Darcy has fast become a valuable member of our sales team. Darcy’s main role is counter sales and she is very knowledgeable with all of our products including the different qualities and material of our cladding range. Darcy can advise our customers on the best options for fitting and installation as well as which panels are best suited to our customer needs.

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