Why You Should Use Shower Panels instead of Tiles


When we talk about the topic of shower wall covering, a question often comes up: which one to choose?

Shower tiling is the traditional option, but these days it is not the only method. A decorative concrete effect, mineral coatings or PVC panels can also be used as shower wall coverings. The shower tiles and other surfaces mentioned above are the most suitable solutions in renovation or construction for an impeccable shower! Get inspired by our ideas for choosing your shower wall covering.

Have you ever heard of bathroom wall panels? This is the magic and economical solution to remake your bathroom without having to tear the tiles and thus without having to break your piggy bank. These wall panels are available in 3D, in wood, imitation tiles and make perfect waterproof wall coverings for the bathroom. Your shower and bath will be well protected.

Wondering what is the price of bathroom wall panels? How to install it? Here’s everything you need to know! Composed of high-density composite wood, fibreglass or PVC wall panel is very resistant: moisture, stains, scratches, fire, nothing scares him, it is ideal for the bathroom.

Want to redo your bathroom without breaking everything and with a very small budget? So the wall panels are made for you! Prices, reasons, you will know everything about this king of the renovation.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or replacing a bathtub with a shower, one of the essential steps to guarantee a functional, aesthetic and waterproof space – especially in the case of a walk-in shower is the choice of wall covering. Contrary to popular belief, and even if this remains the most common solution, it is not only the tiles that can effectively seal a shower.

You can also take inspiration from the environment by opting for mineral, natural or synthetic coatings, which combine style and natural elegance. Even better, many manufacturers now offer ready-to-install technical panels that not only allow you to renovate and seal a shower in no time but also come in many different finishes. So, ready to jump into the water?



Shower wall panels: 4 good reasons to choose them over tiles.

If you want to give your bathroom a facelift without having to redo everything, the wall panel is the solution you need:

  • Say goodbye to your old tiling effortlessly: no need to remove your old tile with damaged joints or the old faience to ask a new one. Just cover it with a wall panel and you’re done.
  • Recreate a straight and smooth wall: the wall panel hides irregularities and defects, happiness.
  • No need to be cautious: the highly resistant wall panels resist stains, moisture, scratches and fire.
  • You save money!

The best coating for your bathroom and your shower? It’s not necessarily tiling. Besides this one, you can also opt for wall panels, which is the best but haven’t been realised yet.

Tilling or Wall Panel?

Ceramic tile is very popular: easy to maintain, available in many colours, sizes and designs. In addition, this type of tile is resistant to water. Convenient in a wet room like the bathroom. However, tiling is not always the best choice.

Indeed, placing tiles is not easy. You must be very attentive or call in a professional. In addition, tiling is not so easy to maintain. The joints are particularly important. If you like to follow new trends, tiling is not recommended because it is not replaced quickly. Better to opt for a timeless design.

Wall panels have clearly gained ground in recent years. This is not surprising, as they are made of waterproof materials that do not require grouting, so they are perfectly waterproof and easy to maintain. In addition, the most commonly used materials naturally get rid of dirt and limescale deposits.

  • Needs little maintenance
  • Different types of prices
  • Different styles and finishes
  • Pretty, trendy and trendy

In the market, you will find different types of wall panels. Some are for example compatible with the shower tray (question colour, structure). Here are the most important materials:

  • Acrylic panels

For the bathroom, we use the best quality acrylic: resistant to scratches, chemicals and other discolourations.

  • Hydrophobic materials

Hydrophobic materials ‘repel’ water. Deposits of dirt and limescale cannot adhere to the shower wall. The current trend is matte look.

  • Solid surface

Do you attach a lot of importance to the look of your bathroom? Solid Surface is a bit more expensive material, but it creates a luxurious atmosphere in your room.

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