Selecting The Right Kitchen Wall Panels

Wall Cladding 101: Tips on Selecting the Right Wall Panels for Your Kitchen

As you’re reading this article, it’s very likely that your kitchen’s better days have passed a long time ago and you’re on the search for the quickest way to update its appearance. From the title, you know the solution to your woes is wall cladding.

For lots of homeowners who have already undertaken a DIY wall cladding project, they know how wall panels can be very easy to work with. You can fit them on your own and you can even install them over your existing wall coverings. Apart from being quick and easy, a wall cladding project is affordable as well!

More and more homeowners are choosing wall panels for kitchen rather than tile, which has resulted in manufacturers producing lots of different looks and styles for you to choose from. If you want to know how to choose the best wall panels for your kitchen, then read on as we’ve listed some tips on the selection of wall cladding panels.

  1. Choose wall panels that boost your home’s resale value.

With real estate’s rising costs, it’s crucial that you choose the wall panels for kitchen that can boost your home’s value. If possible, only use the ones with a sleek or modern look as they’re your safest bet in increasing the market value of your property. What’s good about choosing modern/contemporary style cladding is that it’s easier to clean and maintain. A simple wiping down will be all that’s needed as there are no crevices for dirt to settle into.

  • Stay away from wall panels for kitchen that are hard to install.

A recent tragedy in London raised awareness on improper cladding installation. Although it may seem harmless, the building fire proved how critical it is to only choose the wall panels that can be installed easily and properly even when the process is done by the average homeowner.

You may be wondering what’s best for your specific situation. Different kinds of wall panels complement different structures. Getting the correct combination is a must to ensure that your wall cladding doesn’t pose a threat. Don’t worry as the professionals here that One Stop Cladding will help you make the best choice. Give us a call today. Consultations are, of course, free of charge.

  • Prioritise value rather than the price tag.

As you may already know, getting cheap wall panels is not always a good idea. There are those who rush at grabbing the option that’s the cheapest. That may work with some of your purchases but it won’t with cladding products as low pricing doesn’t guarantee you cost efficiency.

Expensive or mid-range products are better at offering value compared to cheaper alternatives, so make sure you do your homework before you commit. 

Now that you know how to choose the best wall cladding panels, you can move on to the fun part and that’s shopping!