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All of our cladding is waterproof, insulating and class 1 fire resistant

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Trims and Accessories for Your PVC Panels and Cladding

When installing PVC panelling or cladding, your trims and accessories are more than just an accent. They are an essential part of creating a good seal that will protect your home’s infrastructure from moisture. Bathrooms are one of the worse places for condensation, steam and general water damage. The trims and accessories help connect the panels and assist with ensuring a tight seal to prevent moisture from seeping between panels.

Joining Trim

Joining trim provides exactly the function you might expect from its name. It enables “joining” two panels in a way that will prevent moisture from seeping between them. Its T shape, with a sort of base at the bottom of the T, allows it to slip over the edges of two panels, fastening them together and providing a good seal. It is available in black, white, or silver/chrome colouring.

End Caps

End caps provide a finish that matches the joining trim. The end cap slides over the end of the last panel to create a feeling of completion for the project. When the colour is matched to the joining trim, it provides an effect that either blends with the base colour of the panels or provides a pleasing contrast. Like the joining trim, it comes in black, white or silver/chrome.


The finishing touch on your panel trim is the coving, which connects the wall and ceiling panels. Like the other trims, it can be purchased in black, white or silver/chrome. You can match it with the rest of your trim, or use a contrasting colour for added interest.

External Trim

This is the trim that goes around doors (including the door to the shower). When considered from the end, it looks a lot like a pair of Y’s nested together. It is used to gain a good seal around objects that interrupt the flow of the wall. It also comes in black, white and silver/chrome.

Cladseal Trim

Cladseal joins the PVC panel to the regular wallboard. It should usually be installed before putting up the panelling, as it provides both a finished look and structural stability. The Cladseal fastens to the regular wall with a perforated trim edge that facilitates adding tape and plaster to allow it to blend with a painted surface. The other edge is a slot similar to that provided by an endcap. Regretfully, only one colour is provided, but it could be painted.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is a trim piece for every edge that your PVC panel might have. You can mix and match the trims, selecting colours that either blend with the panel colouring or that contrast with them. They not only lend a finished look to your work but they help create the seal around the panels so that your work in installing them will not be wasted by a large gap or crack in your moisture barrier.

Colour selection can make a difference, and by selecting a colour that you like seeing with your PVC panelling, you can bring your new installation together as a unified whole.