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All of our cladding is waterproof, insulating and class 1 fire resistant

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The Italian Collection: Cladding with the Timeless Classic Appeal

The Italian collection is a set of cladding that embraces the timeless appeal of marble and white wood. There are five cladding choices in this collection. Four are faux marble, the fifth is Silver Ash. These are 8mm thick panels, designed to withstand heavy wear. They are designed as complementary pieces.

Arenaria Marble

Arenaria translates from Italian as “Sandstone.” It is intended to complement Colosseo, another faux marble cladding. The panels are 2.6 metres long and 40 centimetres wide. At 8mm thick, they are perfect for high-traffic areas where you can expect them to get bumped into or nicked. As you might expect, the surface has a sandy appearance, yet retains the marble swirling.


Colosseo is inspired by the colours and appearance of the stone colours found in the Colosseum. It displays the appearance of weathered, worn stone that has at one time been finished and polished. It is designed to go with Arenaria. Like Arenaria, it has large tough panels suitable for heavy use.

Argenta Marble

Imagine marble ruins under moonlight, and you will have the appearance of Argenta. If you are looking for a cladding the conveys elegance and bit of splendour, this is the one. Add a live plant or two – ferns or roses are nice – and you are set up for whatever comes next.


Tempesta is Italian for Storm, and it goes well with Argenta if you are mixing and matching in the same room. Like all the cladding in this collection, it is the tough 8mm variety designed to hold up under tough usage.

Silver Ash

The Silver Ash cladding is designed to go with any of the Italian collection marble cladding. It is a bright, white wood panelling printed on cladding panels that are extra wide and extra tough. The combination creates excellent opportunities for creating a pleasant home or work area that is peaceful and soothing in tone.

Why Cladding

The cladding is easy to install over existing décor or to use in new installations. It is sufficiently easy so as to be well within the skill range of most do it yourself home designers, but creates an appearance that is appreciated by contractors, as well. It comes in both interior and exterior grades, with a variety of designs geared toward creating a pleasing environment. Interior cladding often comes with a mineral core that acts as a flame retardant.

Always select the correct type of cladding for the job at hand. Interior cladding is not designed to be weather resistant, like outdoor cladding. Exterior cladding doesn’t have the correct finish and fire protection to be applied on the inside of your home.

If these were not sufficient reasons, cladding is less expensive than most traditional DIY and building materials. It is easier to handle and has better water resistance. While not necessarily perfect for all uses, it is an excellent choice for many situations, especially those requiring water resistance, quick installation, or both. With the wide variety of designs available, you are likely to be able to find a cladding that will work for you.