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All of our cladding is waterproof, insulating and class 1 fire resistant

Minimum 50% PVC content on all Panels

Maximum of 6 Samples are FREE OF CHARGE.

Some samples may be chargeable.

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Black Galaxy Cladding



White Galaxy Cladding



White Gemstone



Black Gemstone



Grey Gemstone


Sparkle Range Cladding: Putting a Little Light in Your Life

Sparkle cladding is unique in that it incorporates reflective material in its surface. Gemstone sparkles include tiny, silvery bits that create a pearlescent glow reflective glow when exposed to light. Both make beautiful ceilings and can be used as feature walls. The tiles in the sparkle collection each have a unique effect. Since the pearlescent effect isn’t for everyone, you can order samples to help you visualise how the cladding will look in your areas.

White Sparkle 5mm for the Mini-Budget

We’ve all been there. You need to get something completed quickly, but the budget just isn’t stretching. White Sparkle has the same great quality and appearance as other sparkle cladding, it is just a little bit thinner. In appearance, it strongly resembles the Platinum sparkle cladding. The 5mm thickness allows it to be offered at a little bit lower price. Be sure to purchase the trim for 5mm.

Platinum Sparkle Cladding

In appearance, Platinum Sparkle is very similar to white sparkle. But where White Sparkle has flecks of grey, Platinum has flecks of silver, helping it catch the light and give some added shine to your space. At 8mm, it is also thicker than White Sparkle making it just a little bit more robust. The added toughness makes it a good choice for an area that gets heavy wear and needs a little bit of brightening.

Black Sparkle

Another 8mm thick cladding like Platinum Sparkle. However, like white sparkle, it relies more on colour than glitter. The black background is sprinkled with flecks of white and bits of colour. It makes a striking ceiling in bathrooms, and is a good choice for a sink splashboard, especially when contrasted with white and chrome appliances.

Black and White Galaxy Cladding

These are similar to Black Sparkle, but the flecks are more densely applied. It is also an 8mm thickness, which makes it tough enough for those heavy wear areas. With that said, applied to the ceiling above your bathtub, it can help you imagine bathing beneath the stars without the discomfort of changeable weather.

The Gemstone Collection

The Gemstone cladding comes in white, black and grey. Unlike the Sparkle and Galaxy groups, they are solids colours. But embedded in the colour is tiny flecks of silver that catch the light and give the sheets of cladding a pearlescent glow when lighted. This can be very bright, similar to gloss paint, so consider carefully where you would be able to best use this effect to an advantage.

Overall Advantage

Like all PVC cladding, these collections are easy to install. They are well within the skill range of DIY home renovators. Contractors like them, too, because they make completing small jobs quick and easy. Both groups of installers love the clean, bright finish presented once the cladding is in place. This is assisted by the neatly sized and planned trim and accessory pieces that facilitate installation and coordinate with the cladding. The trim pieces are available in white, black and chrome colours.