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Shower Surrounds: For Your Shower or All Your Bathroom Walls

Shower surrounds are the perfect solution for small apartments or small houses, or for that mudroom entry shower that helps prevent tracking mud all through the house. Maxipanels are perfect for shower surrounds or even for the walls of an entire bathroom. They are completely lead-free, making them a non-toxic choice for families with children or pets.

Moisture Control

You can’t really say “better yet” after saying that something is lead-free but equally important is the great job these panels do when it comes to shielding your home infrastructure from moisture. Whether installed as a shower surround, a bathtub surround or as the entire wall finish for your bathroom, Maxipanels do a great job.

Lovely Appearance

If that were not enough, they look great. The panels are available in a variety of colours, giving you the chance to select the perfect background for your bathroom décor.

When it comes to colours and designs, these panels are just amazing. Choices include a smoky grey, faux marble, a lovely stylised but subtle floral design, beige stonework, maxi crackle black stonework, and basic white. Regardless of the colour, these tough, easy-to-install panels do a great job of providing a moisture and vapour area wherever you need it.

Specifications and Installation Tips

Each panel is 10mm thick, 2400 long (or tall), and 900mm or 1200mm wide. The choice of width makes it easier to select panels that will fit your needs and to help ensure fit without a lot of cutting.

Users explain that it is better to use a box knife to cut the tiles than to try cutting them with a saw. One DIY presenter noted that it would cut just fine with a saw, but “made a big mess, putting dust all over the room.”

The panels can be installed using tiny screws or they can be glued directly to wallboard or wooden slats. If you are an experienced DIY person, you will love these materials. But your contractor will appreciate them, too. He or she will enjoy the ease of installation and the opportunity to make something look great without enormous amounts of effort.

Wrapping It Up -- Beautifully

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone to take care of the installation, Maxipanels are a versatile, beautiful and practical way to manage moisture in your shower or bathroom area. They make great bathtub surrounds, as well as shower, surrounds. They are lead-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxicity if your toddler or puppy decides to lick moisture off the walls. The panels are tough and come with a five-year warranty. With good care, however, they should last many more years beyond that.

No crumbling wallboard, no warping wood panels, no grout or mortar involved, just good, sturdy, waterproof panels with a wide selection of colours and a reasonable choice of sizes. When it comes to practical and pleasing, it just doesn’t get better than that.