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Create Feature Walls with Cladding

Feature walls are a great way to take care of that big, blank wall along a corridor or in a similar area where it is difficult to place furniture or other decorations. These wall areas can seem as if they loom over a space, dominating it – and not in any kind of a good way. But you can change that by using cladding to create a feature wall.

Do It with Texture

Textured cladding can pull the eye up and away from less desirable features in a room, such as a drain or similarly utilitarian feature. It can be used to add interest behind hanging or wall mounted plants. Since cladding sheds moisture, it can protect vulnerable wallboard from spills and drips from wall mounted or stacked plant containers. The texturing in the cladding creates visual interest in ways that are unparalleled by paint or added trim.

Light or Dark Panelling

Recreate that old mansion feeling with faux wood panelling. Cladding can easily resemble the appearance of polished wood, and requires less care. PVC cladding can be wiped clean with a cloth and perhaps a little cleaner. Check the care directions or spot check a small corner before using a new cleaning product on your feature wall.

The Unfinished Loft

Appeal to your brooding inner artist by recreating a rough, loft apartment with panelling that imitates concrete block, or masonry. You can even purchase it with artistic writing on the wall, or recreate that rusty metal wall – minus the holes where the chill wind blows through, and rain dribbles in around the nails securing it. There is nothing like roughing it easy by picking the bohemian parts that you want to keep and letting go of the uncomfortable parts.

The Family Portrait Gallery or Office Display Wall

Faux marble makes a beautiful feature wall against which to hang the family portraits. It lends an air of texture without being so busy that it overpowers the portraits. This makes a pleasant walkthrough for a family hallway. It can also make an excellent presentation wall in an office or similar location where it is advisable to display public licenses, certifications, and other information for customers or for the general public.

Unusual Places for Feature Walls

You can even create a feature wall in your bathroom or kitchen if desired. Although not the usual place for a display of this nature, kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms offer opportunities for that little something extra. A feature wall in a dining room, for example, could display a collection of special plates. A bathroom feature wall might include air plants, which would thrive in such an environment.

Feature Walls and Cladding

Feature walls and cladding go together like bread and butter. A blank wall with little space to add decorations is a natural for adding a colourful or unique feature wall. Cladding can provide colour, texture and atmosphere to an area that would otherwise be without distinction. It is the perfect way to spice up that unusable area or generally enliven a room.