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All of our cladding is waterproof, insulating and class 1 fire resistant

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Designer Cladding for Kitchen or Bathroom

Designer cladding for kitchen or bathroom is an economical, easy way to add interest to your rooms or to keep moisture in its place. With a wide variety of designs available, your interior designing has never been easier to manage. Installation is possible for DIY home enthusiasts, but professionals find PVC cladding to be a time saver, which means cost savings for customers.

Great in the Bathroom

Designer cladding such as the Vox Art panels, Vilo Jungle or Vilo Painted Flamingo are a great way to take a medium-sized bathroom from ordinary to magnificent. Combing the panels with coordinated tiling and fabric accents for a bathroom that looks more like a spa and less like your ordinary WC. Add some soft music, your favourite scent dispenser, and you are ready to relax in your own little version of paradise.

Splash Boards and Accent Walls in the Kitchen

No one loves to stare at a blank wall behind the kitchen sink. You probably enjoy water splashing up on plaster even less. You can simultaneously create a splash board and accent wall with cladding. The choices for colour and pattern are almost too many to list, but here are a few simple ideas.

  • Rustic Country

Develop the rustic country look with brick or faux wood behind your sink. Add a hanging planter or even a digital picture screen at eye level to create something interesting to view while scrubbing out pots and pans. Or go for the pretty patchwork country, with patchwork tile panels.

  • Utilitarian

Get that rough-hewn loft look with Vox concrete, loft concrete or loft rusty panels. Add a rack for hanging pots and pans for that super-utilitarian attitude.

  • Elegant

If you prefer elegance, try one of the several faux marble panels. Or you could try something subtle like the Desert wave. Neutral panels such as these are excellent for creating a wall for displaying collector plates.

Fire Safety

You might wonder about fire safety, especially around water heaters and behind stoves. While some attention should be paid to the placement of splashboards behind stoves, good interior designed cladding has a mineral core that helps retard flame. With that said, if the surface of the cladding is exposed to flame, it will blacken presenting a less than attractive surface. To preserve the beauty of your cladding, the heat rating should be considered when selecting placement.

Putting It All Together

PVC designer cladding provides an inexpensive alternative to traditional building materials. It is easy to install, designed with people in mind and is both beautiful and easy to clean. Whether you are building new, renovating or just adding a little something special to an existing design, it is versatile, user-friendly and water resistant.

You can have a lovely, spa-like bathroom in a matter of days rather than weeks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional building materials. Create a sink splash board or accent wall in your kitchen with minimal fuss and bother. Designer panelling is a fun to use modern building material.