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Ceiling Cladding: Easy, Lightweight Bathroom Ceiling Solution

UPVC ceiling cladding is an easy to apply, lightweight bathroom ceiling solution. Bathrooms, thanks to all the steam and water that gets used in them, can be devastating to a standard wallboard ceiling. Over time, the moisture can create the need for repairs and replacement of the ceiling treatment. UPVC ceiling cladding is resistant to moisture, is lightweight and easy to install.

Ceiling Cladding comes in a variety of attractive colours and designs, making it easy to select one that will go well with your bathroom décor.

  • White Gloss: Goes great with almost any bathroom. It is a neutral choice that doesn’t draw attention to itself. It is easy to clean, and naturally resistant to moisture, mould or mildew. Its only drawback is that sometimes a gloss finish can be just a little too much in a room that uses a ceiling light.
  • Twin Chrome: Adds a defined line to the white gloss, creating a more interesting ceiling effect. It also provides a way to conceal the joins between panels.
  • Black or White Sparkle Cladding: Enjoy looking at a pretty ceiling while you relax in the tub. The sparkle cladding has all the advantages of the white gloss, with an added attractiveness. As the name implies, bits of sparkle are embedded in the surface.
  • White Wood Cladding: Here the UPVC is textured to have the appearance of painted wood, giving a more natural texture to the ceiling. This one works well with a bathroom that focuses on natural textures.
  • Platinum Galaxy: This doesn’t sparkle like the black or white sparkle gladding, but has added colour for an even more attractive ceiling effect. The added colours make it easy to select coordinating trim for other parts of the bathroom by selecting one or two of the sparkle colours for your trim colours.
  • Platinum Sparkle Galaxy Chrome Groove: Here you can have the best of all worlds. Pretty colours, sparkles and that interesting chrome coloured groove that makes it easy to match up the edges.
  • White Galaxy: A little more understated than the platinum galaxy, and not quite and bombastic as black or white sparkle, this pretty ceiling tile will create a galaxy’s worth of pretty for your bathroom ceiling. Again, the little bits of colour are perfect for reflecting your choice of trim colour.

UPVC ceiling tiles offer a variety of designs and colours for your bathroom ceiling. It can be applied in a variety of ways, depending upon the age of the ceiling and its condition. In some cases, it might be possible to simply glue the tiles to an existing surface. In other cases, where the ceiling is damaged or has an uneven surface, it might be best to install narrow strips of wood to provide a surface to which you can attach the tiles.

Regardless of the colour, all of the selections will protect the ceiling, and the joists and other structural items above it from the steam and condensation often associated with bathrooms.