Panels for Bathroom Walls


Panels for Bathroom Walls: The Best Way to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger and Brighter

If you’re renovating a small bathroom which desperately needs your help to make it seem bigger than it actually is, then you’re definitely in the right place. Keep on reading as you’ll find the best ways to make that small bathroom of yours look and feel bigger and brighter below!

Use Panels for Bathroom Walls

The key to creating the illusion of having a bigger bathroom space is to eliminate the visual obstructions. A common mistake of homeowners, something that you see from one house to another, is shower tile that doesn’t reach the ceiling. There’s space that’s left, which is either just wall space that’s painted or some kind of wide trim, in between the ceiling and the tile’s top edge.

The best way to go about this is to eliminate the tile altogether and make use of panels for bathroom walls as they can cover entire walls! If you don’t know already, you can place bathroom cladding over your existing tiles, so you can easily achieve your goal which is to change your room’s look and make it seem bigger. With bathroom cladding, you won’t have to hire professionals to remove your existing wall coverings.

Regardless of whether you choose bathroom tiles or panels for bathroom walls, just make sure that you cover all the way up to your ceiling so your wall doesn’t look awkward and truncated. Just spend a bit more money and you’ll get a more seamless look.

Get a Frameless Glass Shower Door

A frameless glass shower door is superior in comparison to dreary shower curtains as it offers great ROI, it’s splash-proof, and it’s one of the best solutions to make your bathroom airy and spacious. It can remove visual obstruction, so the space feels more open. Keep in mind that this will only apply to clear glass as textured glass tends to give the illusion that there’s an extra wall added to the space.

Get a Pocket Door

A door that opens up into a small bathroom will take lots of valuable space. Try to see if your home will let you consider getting a pocket door which can slide into a wall rather than take up floor space. It may not be possible. If so, then your other option is a sliding door.

Replace Your Mirrors with Massive Ones

The quickest way for you to transform your bathroom is by opting for a larger mirror. Of course, you need to make sure your bathroom can handle it! If you have several sinks and vanities, then opt for a large mirror rather than two separate ones. A mirror is a necessity in any bathroom, so you have to have one; however, it also reflects light and open spaces up so use it to your advantage!

If you can make room for a full-length mirror, then go for it! Your vanity mirror can even be taken all the way to your ceiling.

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