Everything You Need to Know About Wet Wall Panels

wet wall panels

Wet wall panels are also known as bathroom wall panels or shower wall panels. This type of bathroom covering is an excellent alternative to the usual bathroom tiles. However, wet wall panels are not as common as tiles, which makes some homeowners doubt if they are worth the investment. After all, changing a bathroom’s covering […]

4 Bathroom Cladding Ideas

Modern bathroom wall cladding can be colourful, stylish and really add the wow factor to any home. Our range is constructed out of PVC, which makes them longer lasting, easier to clean and more hygienic than traditional tiles. In addition, they are much easier and affordable to fit! Below we take a look at four […]

10 Advantages of using interior cladding on your walls

Kitchen Cladding

The days of decorating your walls with paint or wallpaper should be a thing of the past with the modern cladding products on the market. Here are 10 reasons that you should make you seriously consider using interior cladding over more conventional decorating techniques. 1. Less Expensive Interior cladding has now become the most popular […]