4 Bathroom Cladding Ideas


Modern bathroom wall cladding can be colourful, stylish and really add the wow factor to any home. Our range is constructed out of PVC, which makes them longer lasting, easier to clean and more hygienic than traditional tiles. In addition, they are much easier and affordable to fit!

Below we take a look at four fabulous cladding ideas:

1. Cladding on the Ceiling

No this isn’t a parody of the classic 80’s song by Lionel Richie: Dancing on the Ceiling… we’re talking about fitting cladding to the ceiling. If you don’t intend to enhance the wall surfaces with cladding, why not affix it to the ceiling instead? It can add a really nice feature, you could fit cladding from our sparkle range so it feels like you are looking up at the stars while you relax in the bath.

2. A Dash of Colour

A lot of individuals like to keep their shower room plain and simple yet an accent colour used in quite small quantities can lift or to add punch of colour to a room. Instead of adding some vibrant towels or a number of nice images, why not include an accent colour on a wall surface or ceiling with some plastic cladding? Whether it’s an entire wall or a featured wall behind the shower, it will include something unique to the room.

3. It’s Black and White

Nothing says design greater than a traditional black and white black and white layout. And what much better material to utilise than plastic cladding? You can use it for the entire space or use it together with ceramic tiles to develop a space you’ll be more than delighted to unwind in.

4. Taste the Rainbow

For those that want a shower room that makes an impressive impact, why not go with a multi-colour scheme? Since you can get various sizes and colours of UPVC bathroom cladding from us at One Stop Cladding, it’s very easy to select a range of colours and produce something totally bespoke that your visitors will certainly haven’t seen before and will never forget.

These are just four simple cladding concepts but the options are unlimited to make your home one-of-a-kind for you and your guests to enjoy. And with a whole series of colours readily available, you’ll surely discover one to match your style.

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