10 Advantages of using interior cladding on your walls


The days of decorating your walls with paint or wallpaper should be a thing of the past with the modern cladding products on the market. Here are 10 reasons that you should make you seriously consider using interior cladding over more conventional decorating techniques.

1. Less Expensive

Interior cladding has now become the most popular and most cost-effective way of creating tile or brick effect walls in both domestic and commercial environments. Not only are the product materials less expensive, they are a huge time saver in installing compared to traditional methods.

2. Flexible Design

You can fit the wall panels horizontally or vertically, or at other angles for that manner. No more trying to line up edges to make sure the pattern matches up, you can mix and match from many of our products and we have a great range of designs to choose from.

3. Durability

Even years later, our cladding will look as fresh as the day you bought them. Stain and scratch proof and fully water resistant they are tough sufficient to deal with daily life meaning that domestic usage will see the panels last for years.

4. Very easy to fit

They are light-weight and come in manageable lengths. You do not require any special tools or professionals to install them.

5. A wide range of styles

This lighter, easier to clean and easier to fit alternative to tiles also are available in a vast series of colours and designs. One of the very best features about interior cladding is that you can mix and match the varieties to come up with unique styles to suit any room in the home.

6. Low Maintenance

They easily wipe clean. Wipe with just warm water and a little washing up liquid and they will look excellent as brand-new every day. The take much less time to clean than traditional materials like tiles, wood or bricks.

7. Insulation

Cladding will add an extra layer of warmth to whichever room you opt to fit them in. Specifically handy in bathrooms during the colder winter months.

8. Fire resistant materials

All of our interior cladding products include Class 1 Fire certificates, no matter what the surface or design

9. Water resistant

Essential in a bathroom or kitchen, install interior cladding and completely avoid any issues with damp and mildew on your walls and ceilings.

10. Unlimited Applications

Interior cladding is extensively used in all types of interior areas. Any space in your home can benefit but also in a workplace, shop, spa or school. The application of this product is virtually unlimited.

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