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If you’re searching for a more versatile and more attractive alternative to the old traditional bathroom tiles, take a look at our decorative PVC bathroom cladding panels. We have a wide range of decorative panels for your bathroom that are water resistant, easy to clean, and available in different colours to match your bathroom style. Our PVC wall panels are perfect for cladding ceilings and walls in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, garages, basements, and other living areas in residential and commercial properties.

The PVC wall panels come in different aesthetically pleasing designs and patterns. We have a variety of styles from high gloss and unvarnished panels to printed panes featuring marble motifs and wood designs. The panels are designed to make it easy and less expensive to redesign and upgrade your bathroom. Your bathroom furniture could still be in perfect condition but if your walls and ceiling have suffered enough damage from moisture, steam, and mould, adding yet another coat of paint won’t help. It will only cover up the damage. The best solution is to install PVC bathroom wall cladding, which will enhance the look of your bathroom and protect the walls from further damage.

Exclusively Designed PVC Cladding for Your Bathroom

We now supply PVC wall panels exclusively designed for your bathroom walls or ceiling. Our PVC bathroom cladding products are inexpensive yet elegant enough to give the bathroom a completely upgraded look. We have a variety of designs to match the existing tone and style of your bathroom’s fixtures and other accessories.

The PVC panels can also be used to create a new and more attractive bathroom decor. You can easily create stunning patterns using our PVC panels. They have a high gloss finish to help you create stunning effects. We have panel kits that match most furniture blends and themes. Our PVC panels are also quite popular because they are made of light and durable materials with perfect finishes and a variety of sizes and patterns. They are the best alternatives to traditional bathroom wall materials such as tiles, wood, metal, or stone. They are also designed to match any type of decor. For example, you can create a wood effect on your bathroom walls with PVC panels with a close resemblance to any type of wood grain such as walnut, maple, or cedar.

We have decorative PVC panels with painted looks or ceramic trim that match everything from classic Victorian style decors to modern styles. You can rely on our panels to achieve any desired look in your bathroom walls and interiors.

Advantages of Installing PVC Bathroom Cladding over Tiles

PVC bathroom cladding provides numerous benefits to any new or old bathroom. Cladding is a cost-effective way of enhancing the look, functionality, and durability of your bathroom.

Here are some of the key advantages of PVC bathroom cladding over tiled walls and ceilings.

PVC Bathroom Cladding is Simple to Install

This type of bathroom cladding is so simple to install that even an avid DIYer can handle the project with the right tools. If you prefer to hire professional help, the tradesman will complete the task in a relatively shorter time compared to the amount of time and efforts involved in installing ceramic tiles. It’s more cost-effective and easier to install than tiles.

It Doesn’t Require Grouting

Another advantage of PVC bathroom cladding compared to tiling is the fact that cladding doesn’t require grouting. Grouting is usually a messy time-consuming job but panelling is easier and leaves you with a more attractive looking bathroom.

It’s Extremely Durable and Easy to Maintain

PVC bathroom cladding can withstand extreme heat, cold, and dampness. This makes it extremely durable even in the face of hurricane strength winds. It’s more cost effective than other forms of cladding such as wood, brick, or stone. PVC cladding will retain its look and shape for many years to come. The panels are durable and require very little maintenance. They don’t fade, change colour, or absorb liquids. In case of damage, the PVC panels can be easily repaired or replaced. PVC cladding is easy to clean and will always look good all year round.

It’s a More Versatile Cladding Solution

PVC cladding can be used on all types of interior walls and ceilings. The cladding can be installed in many places in your bathroom from the shower walls to the ceiling. It gives you an easier way of doing a complete overhaul of your bathroom at a minimal cost. You can also use PVC cladding to enhance the look and waterproofing ability of interior walls. It makes walls easier to clean too and gives you more options when you want to choose a style that matches your fittings and interiors. It can be installed on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It’s guaranteed to last many years wherever it’s used.

Low Maintenance Costs

Since there’s very little maintenance involved when you have PVC cladding installed in your bathroom, you’ll not end up spending a lot of money in maintenance as you would with other types of bathroom walls and ceilings. The material is water resistant and doesn’t absorb liquids. Any grime that lands on it can easily be removed with a piece of cloth and water. For the best results, we recommend using a little bit of soap or detergent only when necessary.

PVC Panels Are Easier to Replace

If you’ve ever had to replace or remove tiles, then you know what kind of mess that task creates. It always ends up with a huge mess of dust and broken tiles. Replacing tiles is also more expensive considering that you will have to pay the expert tile fitter a lot more to ensure that you get a good job done. It’s not a job you’d give to a cheap quack or attempt to do on your own. Cutting tiles is an intricate craft best left to the professionals, who don’t come cheap. The best alternative is to give your bathroom a completely new look with PVC cladding. The PVC panels are easy to install and can even be fitted on existing tiles if you want to avoid the tedious task of removing old tiles.

A Wide Range of Colours and Patterns

PVC bathroom claddings are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, from marble colours and shimmering brushed steel to wood stains and much more. There’s a design to suit your bathroom decor or style. You can even extend the PVC cladding from your walls to your ceiling with a matching design. The possibilities are endless. We also have quick and easy accessories to spice up the look and feel of your bathroom. After all, your bathroom is a peaceful, relaxing, and fun place and should, therefore, be appropriately designed.

Easy to Clean

Another great thing about bathroom cladding is that the panels are extremely easy to clean. They are made of PVC which is exceptionally easy to maintain. Cleaning it is as simple as wiping off the material with a piece of cloth, water, and soap.

It’s a Hygienic Anti-Mould and Anti-Termite Material

PVC bathroom cladding panels are resistant to mould growth and termite infestation. Tiles are known to propagate mould build up, especially in cracks that are sometimes difficult to clean. If you’re a busy family looking for a way to create an easy-to-clean bathroom, then definitely go for PVC bathroom cladding.       

PVC Bathroom Cladding Provides Better Insulation and Sound Proofing

PVC panels installed on bathroom walls and ceiling act as insulation and soundproofing features of your bathroom. They help retain the bathroom’s temperature and prevent noise from travelling to other places in your home. Our PVC cladding panels help reduce condensation and to maintain the ideal indoor temperature of your home. It increases the energy efficiency of your heaters and air conditioners.

Fire Retardant Properties

The PVC panels used in bathroom interior wall and ceiling cladding are normally fire rated to ensure that they are self-extinguishable. This fire retardant property makes the PVC panels a safer alternative to traditional materials.

Get the Best PVC Bathroom Cladding That Suits Your Bathroom Style and Budget

Feel free to browse through our wide range of PVC bathroom cladding options to find a style, pattern, or design that matches your bathroom needs and your personal budget. We have an extensive choice of attractive styles, colours, patterns, and designs to give your bathroom a luxurious interior design.

Contact our friendly customer care team today to learn more about how you can choose the right PVC cladding for your bathroom. We’ll gladly provide you with all the valuable information you need to make an informed buying decision. Our goal is to help you choose the right PVC panels that your family will love seeing in the bathroom.

Call us today for free friendly advice or for any question or concern you may have about our PVC bathroom cladding products and services.

Your bathroom is definitely one of the rooms in your entire house that undergoes more changes and renovations than the rest. Most of us invest a lot of money in an effort to enhance the look and functionality of our bathrooms. However, creating a practical and contemporary bathroom style shouldn’t be difficult and expensive. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by using shower wall panels.

What Are Shower Wall Panels?

Most homeowners choose to use wall tiles in their bathrooms because they’re not aware of alternative solutions such as waterproof shower wall panels, which look more attractive, are easier to install and maintain, and provide more advantages than traditional wall tiles.

Shower wall panels are basically sheets of UPVC material that can be attached to your shower or bathroom walls. They are easier to install than the traditional ceramic bathroom tiles. The panels are normally slotted together using a tongue and groove system that makes it possible for each panel to fit tightly into the next panel, creating a waterproof flawless and attractive wall covering. They are quick and easy to install.

The joints of the shower wall panels can be further sealed with a thin silicone sealant. This is usually done in bathrooms which have high-pressure power showers.

We have a wide range of shower wall panels in different colours and styles including the following:

  • Wood grain
  • Mosaic effect
  • Marble effect
  • And a variety of plain colours to suit your bathroom decor.

For the best results, we recommend that you complement the functionality of shower wall panels with PVC waterproof ceiling cladding. This is a perfect combination that will not only enhance the look of your bathroom but save you a lot of maintenance headaches and expenses as well.

We stock UPVC shower panels in a range of different sizes to match your needs. We even have extra long panels for large bathrooms. Browse through our shower wall panels to find the right size for your home or simply contact us today if you need customised lengths.

Shower Wall Panel Installation

Installing shower wall panels is quite simple. The panels can easily be fixed on plaster, brickwork, block, and even over existing ceramic tiles. You can easily stick the panels directly on the wall using a thick panel adhesive that can perfectly cover uneven areas of the bathroom wall.

You can also staple the panels if the walls are suitable for this type of installation. The staples will not be visible as each successive panel conceals the stapled fixing. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways of installing shower wall panels. It also makes it easy to remove the panels when you want to apply a new style or colour.

Due to their ease of installation and low maintenance tasks, shower wall panels have become quite popular today, especially in the DIY industry. They are also hygienic, durable, and an attractive asset to your bathroom.

Advantages of Shower Wall Panels

Shower wall panels are just the perfect option when you want to enhance the experience of your showers. They can be used on any wall in your bathroom besides the shower. Shower wall panels have several advantages compared to conventional tiles.

Some of their key benefits include the following:

  • They Are Easy to Install

UPVC shower wall panels are easily mounted on the wall. They come with all the fixtures you need for easy mounting on your bathroom wall. In most cases, all you need to do is clean the surface of the wall where you want to install the panels and you’re good to go.

  • They Are Affordable and Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Shower wall panels are also quite affordable and economical in the long run. They have low installation costs and you can always find a panel type that’s within your budget. You can even buy matching shower wall panels and bathroom ceiling cladding from our store at a pocket-friendly price. Remember, you save a lot more in maintenance expenses when you install shower wall panels. 

  • They Easily Fit in All Types and Sizes of Showers and Bathrooms

Bathroom wall panels work best when installed in concealed showers but they can fit in every type of shower or bathroom. You can install them in any bathroom. They come in a wide range of styles to fit your unique bathroom colours and design.

  • They Are Hygienic and Easy to Clean and Maintain

Once you have installed the shower wall tiles, you’ll no longer need to spend countless hours cleaning and maintaining the panels. They have a simple wipe-over surface. Cleaning them is quite easy and only takes as little as five minutes, especially if you have a habit of wiping the shower wall dry after showering to keep it dry and prevent the accumulation of dirt.

The panels are also hygienic thanks to their mould and mildew resistance. They don’t have grouts that promote mould and mildew growth in damp showers.

  • They Are Extremely Durable

Shower wall panels are made of UPVC, which is a durable material that will ensure that the panels serve you and your family for many years to come. They will also retain their shiny gloss look for a long time, unlike ceramic tiles that start fading after a few years.

What to Look For in the Best Shower Wall Panels

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying shower wall panels:

The Issue of Price vs. Quality

Most of our buying decisions are usually based on the price of the item we intend to purchase. We have a natural tendency to try to save as much as possible from every purchase we make. If you’re planning to buy shower wall panels, start by setting aside your budget for the project so you can know which materials or styles fall within your price range.

However, staying within your budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you should compromise on quality just to save a little money. The panels you intend to buy will serve you for many years to come with little to zero maintenance costs. Avoid making the mistake of shopping for the cheapest shower wall panels to save money when you can afford better quality panels. You could easily end up buying cheap material that may not even last a year. Aim for the best quality that you can afford.

You don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive but find one that gives you a good balance of price and performance.

Feel free to browse through our wide range of shower wall panels to find a type that suits your needs and budget.

The Functional Role of Shower Wall Panels

Our shower wall panels are not only designed for decorative purposes but for functionality and performance as well. For a start, they are made to keep your shower walls dry and prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your bathroom. In case you didn’t know, mould is one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases in homes. You need to prevent mould and mildew growth in every section of your home, especially damp places such as your bathroom’s shower.

Our shower wall panels are made to serve their functions efficiently. Each panel is fortified with an extra waterproof layer to keep it dry. Check whether the panel you buy has this extra waterproof fortification or not before you make your purchase.

Get Professional Installation

You could buy the best and most expensive type of shower wall panels but if not installed properly all your efforts and expenses will be in vain. It’s always a smart idea to let a professional handle any task more efficiently if your skills in the profession are limited. The same applies to shower wall panel installation.

Unless you’re sure of how everything is done in this type of profession, we highly recommend that you get a professional to install the panels. It will mean less work for you and you’ll get a better and more professionally done installation. Keep in mind that most materials are subject to contraction and expansion in different heat conditions. In any case, working with installation adhesive can be messy and difficult so let a professional with experience in this kind of work do it. 

Get High-Quality UPVC or Laminated MDF Shower Wall Panels

We have a wide range of UPVC and Laminated MDF shower wall panels at our store. These are attractive, easy to clean and affordable panels that will increase the value and improve the functionality of your bathrooms. They are also resistant to bleach and other chemical cleaning products but we highly recommend using a soft wet and soapy cloth to clean the panels.

All our high-quality shower wall panels are waterproof and hygienic. They are a better alternative to traditional tiles that are prone to fungi, mould, and mildew. Our shower wall panels come in a diverse range of styles and colours including wood grain effect, mosaic effect, marble effect, and plain but attractive colours. You can also complement the shower wall panels with matching ceiling cladding panels to achieve your desired style.

If you have ever tried to paint a textured bathroom ceiling then you know what a tediously boring home renovation task feels like. Your bathroom suffers from constant high humidity levels and therefore needs regular attention, especially its walls and ceiling. If neglected for a long time, the ceiling’s paint will bloat or peel off and that’s one thing you definitely don’t want. This is why you need PVC ceiling cladding, which is easy to install and doesn’t require any maintenance work at all. The cladding looks great on your ceiling at all times whether in the bathroom or elsewhere.

So What Exactly is PVC Ceiling Cladding and What Makes It So Unique?

PVC ceiling lading is not a new phenomenon in construction. It was created in the 1970s as a decorative style of giving interior walls a fine glossy finish. The unique properties of PVC panels made this form of cladding more popular than other types of cladding at the time. For instance, PVC panels come with hollow cores which make them lightweight. PVC panels also have a smooth surface which makes them ideal for decorative purposes and can be designed with a seamlessly fitting tongue and groove system for easy installation.

You can use these PVC panels to cover up any form of imperfection on your ceiling. They also require less maintenance than painted ceilings. Our ceiling cladding is quite affordable and doesn’t compromise the quality of your home. The cladding is also available in a wide range of colours, styles, and finishes to suit your home’s decor.

Maintenance-Free PVC Ceiling Cladding Panels

We have high-quality interior PVC ceiling cladding panels that give you a maintenance-free solution to the traditional plastered ceilings. We stock both standard white and white gloss PVC ceiling panels featuring silver inset strips that add a touch of class to an otherwise plain ceiling. The panels come in varying lengths, ranging from 2.7 meters to 4 and 5 meters long profiles that are made to reduce the number of joints in large rooms. Our PVC ceiling cladding panels are Class 1 Fire Rated. You can use them with downlights safely. We recommend you use LED lighting when you have this type of cladding installed.

Ceiling Cladding Installation

Ceiling cladding is easy and quick to install. There’s no complication involved. The panels can be fitted over any existing ceiling including plaster, a combination of plaster and Lath, and Artex. If you already have a more fragile type of ceiling such as polystyrene tiles, we recommend that you remove it before installing PVC ceiling cladding. Alternatively, you can use mechanical fixings such as long screws, long staples, and nails to fix the cladding on the existing ceiling.

PVC ceiling cladding is the perfect choice for new buildings because it can easily be installed directly to the plasterboards. You don’t need plaster when installing on a new building, which saves you money, time, and effort. If you have an uneven ceiling, you can install cladding on battens using staples and adhesive. Use the staples to hold the ceiling in place while the adhesive sets.

Common Types of Bathroom Ceiling Cladding

If you’re looking for an easy way of enhancing the neat appearance and style of your bathroom, then try ceiling cladding. Cladding adds character and smooth texture to any room. It makes your bathroom look neater and more comfortable.

There are many types of ceiling cladding from different manufacturers but the three most commonly used types include PVC planks, tiles, and wood.

  • PVC Panels

PVC ceiling cladding panels are quite popular today because they come at a lower cost and have a wide range of choices and varieties to suit your interior decor. The panels are waterproof and hardly require any maintenance, which makes them very convenient. A majority of PVC planks mimic the look and colour of wood but they are also available in other colours and styles.

Another big plus for PVC ceiling panels is the fact that they don’t require paint. They’ll last for years without ever needing a coat of paint. They have a tongue and groove design which makes them easy to install. They can also be fitted on different types of existing ceiling including plaster and gypsum wallboard. Their joints are cleverly designed to give the installed ceiling a smooth and flawless effect.  

  • Tiles

Some homeowners prefer to install tiles instead of the long PVC panels. This type of cladding is used to create beautiful artistic designs for your bathroom ceiling to match your shower wall panels. It gives a smooth, flawless, and artistic modern look to your bathroom using stone or ceramic tiles. The tiles are maintenance-free and will save you the trouble of painting your ceiling every few months or years. The downside to this type of cladding is the high cost of tiles and the intricate process of installation.

  • Wood

PVC ceiling cladding panels may be cheaper and convenient but it can’t beat the natural look of real wood. Ceiling cladding made of wood panels gives your bathroom a classy spa-like look and atmosphere. If you can afford its cost of installation and regular maintenance, then install wood panelling. It will increase the value of your bathroom and home. However, the durability and appearance of your wood ceiling will depend on the type of wood and finishing that you’ll use. You can also stain the wood while painting your bathroom to retain its natural look.

Benefits of Installing PVC Ceiling Cladding

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to create a neat looking modern bathroom. A few slight changes can make a huge difference. Think of the ceiling and walls of your bathroom, which are often the first victims of damage caused by humidity, steam and dirt over the years. Damaged walls and ceilings propagate the right conditions for the growth of mildew, which is not only unsightly but a health hazard too. A coat of paint every now and then helps but the most effective solution is to give your bathroom ceiling a complete makeover at an affordable cost by installing ceiling cladding.

Here are some of the many benefits of PVC ceiling cladding:

PVC Ceiling Cladding is Waterproof

When you install this waterproof ceiling cladding, your bathroom will always have a fresh dry appearance for many years to come. PVC ceiling cladding ensures that moisture doesn’t damage your ceiling and prevents mildew growth.

PVC Ceiling Cladding Provides Better Insulation

Our PVC ceiling panels have a good insulation rating of R-value 2.25. They are perfect for ceilings in basements, garages, and other similar settings.

It’s More Affordable Than Other Materials

You will always get some form of PVC ceiling cladding that you can comfortably afford. PVC is used to manufacture less expensive products that can be used to improve the look and style of your home. You don’t need to take a huge loan to renovate your bathroom ceiling. Once the cladding is installed, you’ll not have to worry about extra painting or other maintenance costs in the future.

PVC Ceiling Cladding is Easy to Install

The panels are quite easy to install. They can even be installed over existing ceiling planks or tiles. They come with an easy to apply tongue and groove design. You won’t need to worry about complicated grouting procedures when installing this type of ceiling cladding.

They Are Hygienic

Our PVC ceiling cladding panels provide a clean and hygienic solution for your ceiling decoration. They don’t leave any grouts that can accumulate dirt and grime. The PVC panels are also mildew-resistant and help eliminate bacterial growth.

They Are Versatile Products

PVC cladding materials are quite versatile. They can be used in many cladding projects including wall and ceiling cladding for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, food processing plants, laboratories, and many more. They can be used as decorative ceilings, wall panels, shower panels etc.

They Are Easy to Maintain

Once installed, PVC ceiling cladding is maintenance-free. You don’t have to worry about maintenance tasks such as staining, refinishing the surface, and frequent painting, especially in a room exposed to high temperature, humidity, or moisture. PVC requires limited aftercare and doesn’t leave cracks or joints that can collect dirt and grime. Cladding is convenient, easy to clean, and free of constant maintenance. PVC is also 100% recyclable.

Give Your Bathroom That Just-Painted Look That Will Last for a Long Time

We have a wide range of neat looking white bathroom ceiling cladding panels made to give your ceiling a brand new makeover. Once installed, your ceiling will achieve that just-painted look that will last for years. Say goodbye to tedious and expensive ceiling painting and other maintenance tasks with our long-lasting PVC ceiling cladding.

They are easy to cut and fit. If you’re feeling a little bold about your decor, feel free to check our wide range of sparkling PVC cladding panels that will look absolutely great on your ceiling.

For more information, check our ceiling cladding products or contact our friendly customer care team.